Friday, January 20, 2012

The Snow is Melting! Upcycling Rocks!

This is my second day for writing again.  The snow is being washed away by the rain today.  I am glad about that but I did love the look of snow for the week that we had it.   I know that folks in other parts of the country contend with snow all the time but we are definately not used to it here on the West Coast.  Ok I am talking about the weather.  Yes this is kind of boring isnt it?  Well I would prefer to talk about the value of recycling and upcycling.  

Often when I am on my etsy site I check out other shops and I am so impressed with those that have taken found items and are turning them into works of art or at the very least something useful!  Such as deck chairs out of reclaimed wood.  Or beautiful sweaters and leg warmers from old unusable sweaters.  The possibilities are endless.  That is what my next project will be.  Taking something old and making it new again. It is like a metaphor for life.  The leaves on the trees fall off and die and then again in Spring new leaves form.  Life can regenerate itself this way.  So it can be for old things that have lost their lustre.

I look forward to surprising you with what I can make out of something old.  In the meantime check out my old vintage clothing that still has lots of beauty and life left in it at  I think you will be definately amazed that some old things can look so new!   

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