Friday, February 23, 2018

A Finnish Canadian visits Maui

So here I am back at home in Canada watching the snow fall and wondering if I had dreamt that visit to Maui?  It was my first time and I have to admit that I did not have a burning desire to go and see the enchanted Hawaiian Islands.  But circumstances prevailed starting with a failed Alaska Airlines flight to San Diego. Hence we received a voucher which always forces you to take another trip somewhere whether you like it or not! lol!  Forced to go to Maui! But hey lets be real would not otherwise spend thousands of dollars on the other trip if it wasn't for that darn voucher!

Luck would have it and we ended up with a super cute place at a condo complex called Pacific Shores. It was literally steps away from a beautiful beach called Charlie Young. After I researched Maui I wanted us to be able to walk to things without always relying on a vehicle so I settled on South Kihei.  Very nice!  Very walkable.  Of course that would depend on perspective.  Not everyone wants to haul their groceries in a backpack several blocks but I welcomed the opportunity to use my back muscles rather than alway sitting in that Honda Fit I drive. As much as I am attached to my vehicle I also value my health.

The condo was wonderful! (minus the teflon pots and pans....please not teflon that is scratched!!) Note to owners who rent out is not healthy or pleasant to eat flakes of teflon with your dinner. The whole point of a condo is so you can do some cooking... of course we enjoyed a few local restaurants too.  Aside from that Pacific Shores was awesome!  The pool was beautifully maintained and had these tiny little blue tiles.... pretty!

My first impression of Maui was that there were more cars than I expected! I guess I thought it would be a deserted Island? Yes I'm afraid I did have some romantic notions of secluded beaches. I'm sure they are fact I know they are...but we just did not go there.  This is where Charlie Young really shone....very peaceful and not overcrowded.  Just lots of turtles!  And wonderful soft sand to walk on.

I was weird in Maui because I had to go and hunt for vintage clothing for my shop... Of course there were dozens of Hawaiian Shirts!!  Of course!  But I wasn't interested in those.  I was looking for buried treasure which yes I did manage to find.  You can access it on my website which is now on Etsy as well as at  I liked the things I found but unfortunately I had a bit of an overweight suitcase issue when checking in at the airport!  Next time I will bring a bigger carry on.

Maui has very blue ocean...very mild weather...and very very very tropical rain. The one night it rained so hard that I thought we would have to be evacuated!  It was quite something to listen to. The busy market area a few blocks up was super flooded.... but somehow it all just added to the excitement.  I will say that 8 nights was not quite long enough.  Every place has its own rhythm and I felt that I was just becoming adjusted to Maui time when we had to go.

I have some pictures here to share! The first one is an amazing reclaimed wood framed picture of dozens of surfboards that was in the living room of our two bedroom Pacific Shores condo.  We rented it out through vrbo and it was great! The second photo is of my daughter and myself on our first day in Maui heading to Charlie Young beach. The other photos are of Charlie Young Beach.

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