Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back Home from Europe!

August 1st and it has been six days since we got back from our trip to Europe.  The trip was busy and somewhat tiring!  We connected with relatives we have not seen ever.  That was really interesting for me as I have always lived such a distant life from most of them.  We spent most of our time in Finland but did trips to Estonia and Stockholm too!  I would definately go back there again.  I especially loved Helskinki and the flea markets there.
And all the handmade things in Tallin.  The people of Estonia are very creative.   This is a little quilt shop in Tallin and it was a wonderful place to visit.  Very inspiring to be in Estonia. 

And of course Finland was beautiful too!  We were there for strawberry season and I picked up this lovely basket from an antique shop in Uusikaupunki.  Or I should say my cousin went there to buy it for me. 

The photo was taken at his summer cottage on the sea with berries from his parents strawberry fields that we ate every day.  There was a storm brewing that day and it was very windy when I took the photo looking out to the little bay that stretches out to the ocean.  Finland is so picturesque and there are little red houses everywhere!  I want to write a book about them and do a photojournalistic tour of the pretty homes that dot the countryside. 

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