Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back Home from Europe!

August 1st and it has been six days since we got back from our trip to Europe.  The trip was busy and somewhat tiring!  We connected with relatives we have not seen ever.  That was really interesting for me as I have always lived such a distant life from most of them.  We spent most of our time in Finland but did trips to Estonia and Stockholm too!  I would definately go back there again.  I especially loved Helskinki and the flea markets there.
And all the handmade things in Tallin.  The people of Estonia are very creative.   This is a little quilt shop in Tallin and it was a wonderful place to visit.  Very inspiring to be in Estonia. 

And of course Finland was beautiful too!  We were there for strawberry season and I picked up this lovely basket from an antique shop in Uusikaupunki.  Or I should say my cousin went there to buy it for me. 

The photo was taken at his summer cottage on the sea with berries from his parents strawberry fields that we ate every day.  There was a storm brewing that day and it was very windy when I took the photo looking out to the little bay that stretches out to the ocean.  Finland is so picturesque and there are little red houses everywhere!  I want to write a book about them and do a photojournalistic tour of the pretty homes that dot the countryside. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Snow is Melting! Upcycling Rocks!

This is my second day for writing again.  The snow is being washed away by the rain today.  I am glad about that but I did love the look of snow for the week that we had it.   I know that folks in other parts of the country contend with snow all the time but we are definately not used to it here on the West Coast.  Ok I am talking about the weather.  Yes this is kind of boring isnt it?  Well I would prefer to talk about the value of recycling and upcycling.  

Often when I am on my etsy site I check out other shops and I am so impressed with those that have taken found items and are turning them into works of art or at the very least something useful!  Such as deck chairs out of reclaimed wood.  Or beautiful sweaters and leg warmers from old unusable sweaters.  The possibilities are endless.  That is what my next project will be.  Taking something old and making it new again. It is like a metaphor for life.  The leaves on the trees fall off and die and then again in Spring new leaves form.  Life can regenerate itself this way.  So it can be for old things that have lost their lustre.

I look forward to surprising you with what I can make out of something old.  In the meantime check out my old vintage clothing that still has lots of beauty and life left in it at  I think you will be definately amazed that some old things can look so new!   

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I KNEW I HAD A BLOG FOR THAT! knew it!  I knew I had started a blog quite some time ago and here it is!  Really some people would at least remember the name of their blog but no not me.  I mean I knew I had one called Lilacs in Van Nuys quite a while ago but I had no idea that I had written as many postings.  If you call four many.... ha ha....  So now I am back.  Oh my.  Oh my oh my.  How much as happened this past year.  Well for one thing I have now moved.  Am I living in my cottage by the sea?  No afraid not....only in my mind on that one.

So I am using a red font so I won't feel quite so bad for having not even written anything during Christmas.  The red font is to make up for it... Kind of lame I know.  But here is the thing.  I am so very excited about a new adventure.  I have worked super super hard on my new venture.  Really it has helped me with my intense grief.  Somewhat.  I don't know if I ever told any of you but I love vintage things.  Maybe some of you do too.  That was really why I started this blog in the first place.  NOSTALGIA!  I love to remember happier times, happier eras, and fashion and such from those eras.  So I started my own little shop!  It is on a site called etsy.  If you want to see it you can go to  That is what I called my shop.  Liina meaning tablecloths and linens and such in the Finnish language and Loom meaning...well loom.  In other words weaving.... sillies!  Well what has that got to do with vintage you may ask?  

About five years or so ago I started a weird collection.  I started collecting vintage linens and vintage fabrics.  When I say weird it is because I really had no particular use for them.  I mean I use a tablecloth once or twice a year.  But thats not the point is it?  Who cares if you NEVER use a tablecloth?  It doesn't mean you can't love and adore them does it?  I always thought of them as kind of a lost art.  Something that our grandmothers did...weaving and embroidery and crocheting etc.  So I became fascinated with all the different styles of linen work and started collecting.  Finally I will be able to do something with my collection.... But that is another story for another time....  But for now just go to my vintage clothing store if you are at all curious about it.  I think it turned out pretty fine.