Thursday, January 19, 2012

I KNEW I HAD A BLOG FOR THAT! knew it!  I knew I had started a blog quite some time ago and here it is!  Really some people would at least remember the name of their blog but no not me.  I mean I knew I had one called Lilacs in Van Nuys quite a while ago but I had no idea that I had written as many postings.  If you call four many.... ha ha....  So now I am back.  Oh my.  Oh my oh my.  How much as happened this past year.  Well for one thing I have now moved.  Am I living in my cottage by the sea?  No afraid not....only in my mind on that one.

So I am using a red font so I won't feel quite so bad for having not even written anything during Christmas.  The red font is to make up for it... Kind of lame I know.  But here is the thing.  I am so very excited about a new adventure.  I have worked super super hard on my new venture.  Really it has helped me with my intense grief.  Somewhat.  I don't know if I ever told any of you but I love vintage things.  Maybe some of you do too.  That was really why I started this blog in the first place.  NOSTALGIA!  I love to remember happier times, happier eras, and fashion and such from those eras.  So I started my own little shop!  It is on a site called etsy.  If you want to see it you can go to  That is what I called my shop.  Liina meaning tablecloths and linens and such in the Finnish language and Loom meaning...well loom.  In other words weaving.... sillies!  Well what has that got to do with vintage you may ask?  

About five years or so ago I started a weird collection.  I started collecting vintage linens and vintage fabrics.  When I say weird it is because I really had no particular use for them.  I mean I use a tablecloth once or twice a year.  But thats not the point is it?  Who cares if you NEVER use a tablecloth?  It doesn't mean you can't love and adore them does it?  I always thought of them as kind of a lost art.  Something that our grandmothers did...weaving and embroidery and crocheting etc.  So I became fascinated with all the different styles of linen work and started collecting.  Finally I will be able to do something with my collection.... But that is another story for another time....  But for now just go to my vintage clothing store if you are at all curious about it.  I think it turned out pretty fine.   

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