Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 No need to look for that perfect travel dress any longer.  There are so many easy care and versatile pieces in my shop.  Here is just a small selection to choose from:
Moss green sheath dress
 Find this dress here:

I styled it with a woven faux leather belt but it can be worn as a simple 60s style sheath or shift dress as well. 

Gorgeous Tribal Print Dress

 If you love tribal prints this dress will travel amazingly well! With its simple sheath styling and crinkle easy care fabric it will never need to see an iron. Wear it with sandals for a casual yet elegant look for day or evening.

What to wear oh What to wear....this weekend.

How many times have you asked yourself that question when a special event is coming up.  And so you hit the mall only to come back with nothing because all of the clothing IS THE SAME.  It happens.  You hope to find something that suits your free and independent spirit.  Not to be copied or imitated.

Have you tried shopping for vintage?  Have you tried shopping in the comfort of your own home for that unique special something to wear?

I have a few suggestions:

You can find this lovely batik dress with natural nut buttons in my shop right here:

Or if that isn't quite it then this lovely homemade linen retro dress may suit your taste:


Have a look at the dresses section of my shop and I think you will find a very interesting variety of different dresses from the 60s to the 90s.  All of them are exceptional quality and value.  Good luck on your search!  And enjoy that special event or just have fun on your summer days.

Oh and by the way there is a nice selection of men's clothing as well.  The link for my shop is at the top and bottom of this post.  

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