Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Travelling made Easy

Last night I wrote about the dilemma of what to wear for a special event or occasion.  Now I am going to write about finding things to put in your suitcase or carry on that will look great when you pull them out the next day or even two days later!  We don't tend to carry our steamers or an iron around with us so have a look at these adorable and comfortable dresses and shirts for stylish and beautiful clothing to bring on the long weekend trip.

Are you going to Acapulco?
This shirt is so sweet!  It is labelled a size large but can easily go down a size with the addition of a belt.  Don't you just love the cut out back?  So 90s. And the straw bag that is peeking out at the bottom of the photo begging for attention is an iconic 50s Acapulco purse that will not only compliment any outfit in unique vintage style but will also garner you your fair share of compliments!  It is a conversation piece and in case you were not aware Acapulco was the destination back in the 50s and 60s for celebrities and well travelled people. This particular purse is in mint condition and I am sure you will love the retro colours and the amazing space inside for all your valuables and retro postcards from your trip!
Partying in Acapulco in the 40s
    Even if you can't party in Acapulco this year you can bring the flavor into your sphere by carrying this handbag. Although the handbag appears to have seen very little wear and it is in such beautiful condition you still can't help but wonder who bought the purse there and what their holiday was all about.

Acapulco Here we Come!
 For the photo shoot I teamed it with an equally pretty linen skirt exceptionally well made in Europe.  You cannot find a better made skirt.  This is a 60s to 70s era piece.  And here it is:
The link for the skirt is here:

The shirt can work equally as well for the Fall as the colours are so October.  Love them.  Try it tucked in to a pair of high waisted pants in a dark olive colour and perhaps made of a linen or light wool.  But in this case I am recommending it for a no wrinkle item to throw in to your suitcase or weekender bag.

The other dress that I simply adore for not wrinkling which could also transition into Fall with amazing style is here:

I've teamed it with a gorgeous belt in beautiful natural grain leather that is also in my shop and is amazing because it can work for many sizes as well:

And because I simply adore tooled leather accessories and feel that they will never go out of style if you look for the creme de la creme of vintage as I do, I found this totally unique handbag that goes beautifully with this dress:
It is made of a buttery soft leather and has no label on it but it is unmistakeably gorgeous.

So there you have just a few of the very packable travel garments in my shop.  If you have a look there are several others.  Now its time for me to photograph some exciting new items that I will be listing today.  The sun is shining and a long weekend is coming up soon.  Enjoy those last summer days. 

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